Technical dissemination and networking 2022

Along this first working year, several members from the LIFE medCLIFFS team have initiated the activities of action E2, which is devoted to the technical dissemination of the project results as well as to network with other interesting initiatives in order to create synergies.

The LIFE medCLIFFS technical dissemination is built on the participation on technical conferences and external events in order to present the project and explain its results. In addition, it also includes the publication of the most relevant results in sectorial and/or academic journals, and by holding talks and specific lectures on courses organized by external entities.

Regarding to networking, 7 initiatives were contacted, mostly LIFE projects that had work or are working on invasive plants management. Some of those initiatives have high interest to the LIFE medCLIFFS project and promise to be a profitable long-term collaboration.

If you are interested in deeper aspects of the LIFE medCLIFFS technical dissemination and networking, please, visit this link.