The Federation of Nurseries of Catalonia (FVC) is a non-profit organisation that represents the live plant production sector in Catalonia, made up of 234 nurseries that produce on more than 1,900 hectares and with a turnover of 289 M€, employing more than 2,600 permanent workers (data from 2022).

Tree plant nursery. Credit: Association of nurseries of Tarragona.

The production of live plants in Catalonia includes a wide range of plants, hundreds of species and varieties: woody ornamentals – trees, shrubs, conifers -, herbaceous ornamentals – seasonal plants, aromatic plants, perennials – forestry and fruit trees. Each demarcation is characterised by one type of production, with the counties of Girona and Tarragona being mainly dedicated to woody ornamentals, those of Barcelona to herbaceous ornamentals and those of Lleida and Tarragona to fruit trees. In each of these areas (Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona and Lleida) there is an association of nurserymen that provides technical support to its members and looks after their interests. All of them are members of the FVC and three of them (Girona Association of Nurseries, Tarragona Association of Nurseries and Barcelona Association of Nursery Farmers) participate as affiliated entities of the FVC in the LIFE medCLIFFS project.

The FVC is a member of other Spanish and European organisations and participated in the elaboration of the INVASEP Code of Conduct.

Seasonal flower. Credit: Association of nurseries of Barcelona.

Aware of the risks of invasive plants, both environmentally and economically, the FVC leads the development of the following LIFE medCLIFFS tools for the prevention of the introduction and spread of invasive flora, thus integrating biodiversity conservation into the market:

  • PROHIBITED PLANTS – LIFE medCLIFFS Consensus List, which includes the species whose aggressive invasiveness are advised to be avoided or their use and commercialisation suspended.
  • PLANTS TO AVOID – LIFE medCLIFFS Watch List, which includes species for which there is no restriction on use but which may become invasive under certain conditions.
  • SAFE PLANTS – LIFE medCLIFFS White List including both native and alien ornamental species that do not have a negative impact on natural habitats (in preparation).
  • LIFE medCLIFFS CODE OF CONDUCT, of a voluntary nature, which aims to help the producers and users of living plants to reduce and control the impact of invasive alien flora in Catalonia, as well as to prevent future introductions (in preparation).