LIFE medCLIFFS is on Youtube!

Did you know that LIFE medCLIFFS is now on Youtube?

Since July 2022, a new LIFE medCLIFFS channel on Youtube is available for you to know the project in a simpler and more appealing way.

Our first video introduces you to the iNaturalist (, a citizen science platform through which you can participate in the conservation of the cliffs in the Cap de Creus and Costa Brava area very easily, at your own pace and without commitments:

Now you know! Simply register in iNaturalist and, with your mobile phone or camera, take photos of the invasive plants you observe and upload them to the iNaturalist application. VERY IMPORTANT, become a member of the LIFE medCLIFFS – Xarxa d’Observadors project that you will find in iNaturalist!!!

In this way, all the observations of invasive flora that you make within the scope of the project will be recorded and will be useful for modelling the risk of invasion.

And if you want to know first-hand what invasive plants affect the Costa Brava, don’t miss the field trips we organise, the next one will be in September!

LIFE medCLIFFS field trip.


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Credits: Flora Catalana.