Do you have a garden in Cap de Creus?


Through its action C3, LIFE medCLIFFS is going to carry out the control and/or eradication of invasive plant species (especially Carpobrotus sp., Gazania rigens and Opuntia sp.) in several demonstrative areas in coastal cliffs in Cap de Creus: S ‘Arenella, in Port de la Selva; Portlligat-S’Alqueria and Calders-Es Pianc, in Cadaqués; and Calitjàs-Pelosa, in Roses.

The tasks of removing invasive plants from the cliffs in these areas are aimed at improving the conservation of certain species of native flora, some of which are endangered, such as the sea lavenders (Limonium spp.).

Essential: removing invasive alien flora from coastal gardens

In order for the elimination of invasive exotic flora to be really effective on the cliffs, which are very difficult to access, it is essential to also act in the gardens closest to the cliffs. The invasive alien plants that grow in some of these gardens are a continuous source of propagules (seeds, cuttings) of these species towards the cliffs, where it is very complicated and costly to eliminate them. Therefore, if they are not removed from the gardens, they will continue to negatively affect the cliffs and the endangered flora endemisms.

We therefore call on all owners of gardens near the cliffs in the areas of S’Arenella in Port de la Selva, Portlligat-S’Alqueria and Calders-Es Pianc in Cadaqués and Calitjàs-Pelosa in Roses to collaborate with the LIFE medCLIFFS project and minimise the serious negative impact of invasive plants on the native flora growing on the cliffs.

How to get involved

Meeting with gardens’ owners at Guillola, to explain how to improve natural habitats thorugh eliminating non-native invasive flora in the gardens.

There are two options to participate: either by authorising the project staff to remove invasive plants from the garden, or by removing invasive plants from the garden on your own, always following the technical instructions of the project staff. For example, on 21 July, the staff of the Cap de Creus Natural Park held a meeting with owners of gardens at Guillola to discuss the promotion of the Mediterranean pine forest and the removal of planted exotic species.

For the moment, we have the support of 27 garden owners, whom we thank for their cooperation. However, in order to guarantee a spatial continuity of the invasive plant removal actions, we should act in about 70 coastal gardens.

So now you know! If you have a garden in the cliffs of the LIFE medCLIFFS demonstration areas, write to us!

Contact us by email at to find out all the details.

And if you don’t have a coastal garden but want to give us a hand, spread the word!

Thank you very much