Calendar 2023 – LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteering Network

Throughout 2023, the LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteer Network organises a total of 10 free field visits exclusively for registered volunteers.

In these field trips we will monitor a transect following the protocol for data collection, in order to solve any doubts, and to see in situ how to collect data with the highest quality. We will also help you to log your hours and upload the data through the applications we use. We will visit both areas well known and already adopted by some volunteers, but also transects still not adopted and with particular treats, such are the presence of concrete IAPS or endemism. Save the dates!

4 February 2022 Saturday

25 March 2023 Saturday

29 April 2023 Saturday

19 May 2023 Friday

3 June 2023 Saturday

1 July 2023 Saturday

16 September 2023 Saturday

30 September 2023 Saturday

20 October 2023 Friday

25 November 2023 Saturday

Places and concrete schedules will be arranged through the LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteering Telegram group. If you are already a volunteer, you can ask the group coordinators for more information.

You can come to one, two, three… or all of them, but remember: ONLY FOR REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS!

If you are not yet part of the LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteer Network and would like to participate, you can register for free HERE.