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LIFE medCLIFFS exhibition in Vilajuïga

Centre cívic Vilajuïga Plaça 11 de Setembre, Vilajuïga

Until February 2023, come and visit the LIFE medCLIFFS exhibition at the Vilajuïga Civic Center Free entrance  

Lecture LIFE medCLIFFS: Invasive alien plants prevention tools

Mercat de la Flor i Planta Ornamental de Catalunya Avinguda Beniamino Farina, 135, Vilassar de Mar

For many decades the advance of invasive alien plant species, that affect autoctonous populations and threaten their survival, has been observed. Some ornamental species become invasive and affect to fragile habitats like the Costa Brava cliffs and othe natural spaces. Those habitats don't take up so much area, they bear the impacts of human activity, and even they support some unique autoctonous plant species that are treatened because of the invasive ones. In order to avoid the intensification of this problem, the LIFE medCLIFFS project works to anticipate the introduction of new invasive alien plants by creating a collection of...