Calendar 2024 – LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteer Network

In 2024 LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteer Network will once again organise several field trips to identify first-hand the invasive plants of the Costa Brava.

These are the dates:

Saturday 9 March

Saturday 13th April

Saturday 11 May

Saturday 1 June

Saturday 28 September

Saturday 19 October

Meeting points and times for each trip will be arranged through the LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteering group on Telegram. If you are already a volunteer, you can ask the group coordinators for more information.



The LIFE medCLIFFS field visits are usually organised in the mornings and are used to monitor a selected transect along the Costa Brava, following the protocol for data collection and solving any doubts of the members of the network. There are also thematic field trips focused on other topics such the coastal habitats (not only invasive species) or on certain groups of endangered native flora.

These field visits are a good opportunity to have a good time by the sea and contribute to the conservation of our coastal habitats. In addition, at the end of each visit we have a small snack to finish off the day.

All outings are free of charge for members of the LIFE medCLIFFS Volunteer Network. If you are not yet a member of the Network, you can register for free HERE.

As a member of the Network, you can adopt LIFE medCLIFFS transects to monitor invasive flora on the Costa Brava and you are entitled to attend field trips.

You will also have access to various support materials for the identification of invasive flora and an online course on the invasive species of the Costa Brava on the Flor@ula platform of Flora Catalana (only in Catalan), you will be able to join an exclusive Telegram group and you will have the technical support of the members of LIFE medCLIFFS on invasive plants.


You can come to one, two, three… or all the outings, come and join us!